Help yourself to seconds. 

Our Mission

We produce high-quality, nutritious, affordable food products using imperfect produce and under-appreciated fish in Rhode Island that would be otherwise wasted.

Our impact

Widespread food insecurity in the presence of abundant and local food is a paradox that can be solved.

The purchase of imperfect produce and under-appreciated fish from local farmers and fisherman will strengthen local economies by providing revenue to each for their own operations while creating a channel for nutritious, affordable produce and protein. 

Fish Cakes


Our fish cakes are made with under-appreciated fish caught in Rhode Island waters. Combined with local carrots and other dairy-, wheat-, and egg-free ingredients, our fish cakes are a delicious and filling source of protein. 


Surplus produce from Rhode Island farms is washed, chopped, and flash-frozen to preserve flavor and freshness. Our frozen, prepared produce allows for nutritious, local produce to be a part of every diet.  


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